The Smartest Java APM

Code level visibility in production

Visibility Across Layers

Details of every layer
Every layer is automatically identified. See complete detail per layer to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues.
Database Monitoring
See how much time your queries are taking, down to the statment level
External Services Monitoring
See every External Service and how much time is spent calling External Services
"We are getting great insight into performance characteristics and behaviours. Truly invaluable."
- Press Association

Code Level Visibility

Code Level view of transactions
See every transaction processed by your system. Drill into any one and see exactly where time is being spent.
Transaction Traces
See the full stacktrace and pinpoint the exact line of code which made your application go slow. See the exact queries or external services which caused performance drop.
Pinned Transactions
Flag your key business transactions to quickly spot issues.
Asynchronous Code Support
Capture all asynchronous actvitiy in your Java and Scala apps.
"Very happy to have DripStat as our Monitoring tool."
- US National Board of Medical Examiners

Error Monitoring

See all uncaught exceptions
See the exact exceptions and the transaction responsible for throwing it.
Full Stacktrace
See the full stacktrace of your exceptions

JVM Monitoring

Detailed Stats per JVM
GC Monitoring
Get details of GC activity in your JVM, down to the individual pause
Detailed Memory Stats
Detailed stats on every memory pool within your JVM
JVM Level Alerts
Get alerted if you run into High GC or High Heap Usage. Prevent your JVM from running into OutOfMemory Exceptions.
"The most timely support I have received from any vendor I have dealt with."
- University of West Florida

Alerts that don't overwhelm

Traditional systems alert based on data as it comes in. So if you have spikes every alternate minute, you get bombarded with alert notifications.

DripStat's smart alerting system looks at data over a time range. Once an incident starts, only when it is stable for a while is it considered fully resolved. All the spikes and dips in between the incident don't produce unnecessary notifications.

"We are NewRelic refugees"
- Sonatype

Optimize Hardware Utilization

See the total hardware utilization of your application across the entire cluster.

Identify when you need to add more hardware or when you can do with less.

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