Traditional APMs store their data in pre-defined silos. Thus you can only view your data in those ‘silos’. For example, a Traditional APM will only allow you to see data one ‘application’ at a time.

DripStat uses DripStat EXPLORE technology to store all metric data in one giant big data store. This data can then be queried in real time to slice and dice through all your metrics in any way you want.

Nothing in DripStat is pre-computed. When you view the DripStat dashboard, every action you take results in Terabytes of data being scanned by hundreds of CPU cores to present you results in mere milliseconds!

This allows you to do things like:

  • View data across your entire infrastructure
  • See how various microservices interact over time
  • Slice and dice to instantly zoom in to a particular problem


Here is the Throughput chart of a call to an External Service, seen through Cross-Application (across infrastructure) and In-Application views of DripStat:

Throughput broken down by Application

Cross-Application view shows total calls to the service broken down by application.

Throughput broken down by Transaction</h4>

The In-Application view shows the calls broken down by individual transactions.

You can even filter all data in realtime.

Filter by Application

Slice and Dice across applications

Filter by JVM

Go down to the JVM level

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